We love Christmas and have really been getting in the festive spirit by kicking off December with a party for the children and grandchildren of our staff.

christmas party

Everyone had a blast bopping along to the Christmas classics with Jumping Jacks and doing their best air guitar routines, while waiting for the big moment to arrive.  We had some special guest appearances from Batman and Elsa. Then when no-one could wait any longer Santa arrived! Everyone had been very good so asked Santa what they would like for Christmas and he gave out some presents a bit early too. Then just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore fun – it started snowing indoors!

christmas party

We all felt festive as it snowed indoors!


Thank you to everyone who came along and made it a lovely afternoon.  If you would like any photos of Santa and his Christmas helpers, please give Jennie a call in the office!

christmas party

Santa had presents for everyone!

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