You might have seen in a previous blog that we recently received amazing praise from people we support…

Well, we’re absolutely pleased to announce that their families and relatives have also given us some fabulous feedback!

With the support and input of families, this year we produced a Family Charter. This charter outlines our commitment to working with relatives of people we support, what they can expect from us, ways they can get involved at Options and how they can help us support their loved ones through person-centred approaches. The charter also covers communication, decision making, and what we will do and how we can work together if things go wrong.

At Options, we value hearing the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the individuals around people we support wherever appropriate to help shape and develop the support we provide.

Committed to delivering quality and reliable support, a few months back we got in touch with the families and relatives of people we support to find out what they think about us.

A staggering 96% of families and relatives who responded rated the overall quality of support we provide as Very Good or Good.

There were a bunch of lovely comments shared across the forms we received back, but for this question especially there were plenty that stood out. Including:

  • “Support given to my sister is second to none.”
  • “My uncle has an excellent team who support him to make decisions that improve his health and wellbeing.”
  • “My sister is treated like royalty by her staff team. She has benefited greatly from their patience and support.”
  • “All staff show a high level of commitment and are really dedicated.”
  • “My uncle receives first class care by wonderful carers. All staff are brilliant with him, but Tom is exceptional, he has a great rapport with Charlie and this is great to see.”
  • “Support we have is fantastic. They really are quite remarkable all the staff.”
  • “The support workers seem happy and well trained which inspires me with confidence.”

We are delighted to find that 100% of respondents would recommend Options to other families or anyone looking for support – with many that said they already have! This was fabulous to see and fills us with confidence in the support we provide.

One respondent commented:

“We would love for other parents to realise the importance of making provision for their loved ones for the future and Options could not be bettered for the care they provide.”

Another added:

“I would very much so [recommend Options], I think everyone works very hard to ensure people are given the support they require.”

Doreen is the mum of Alan who we provide supported living for. Alongside her form, she also sent in a page outlining the differences Options has made to her son’s life and many of the great moments that have led to growing his independence.

Doreen noted:

“It was a God send for myself and my husband when Options started supporting my son. So long may they thrive.”

While around 87% of respondents noted quality of communication between families and ourselves as Very Good or Good – which is an excellent rating overall – looking at this more closely, only 48% gave us a score of Very Good. For that reason, we have recognised this as an area of improvement because we would love for relatives to feel more confident in our communication with them.

That being said, when asked about whether they feel Options listens to their views, 91% responded positively answering Yes. Some of the great comments shared for this section include:

  • “As a family we appreciate everything you do for us. Often regular staff going above and beyond their role. We have demanding jobs and would be lost without the care staff provide. Thank you – my family member thinks the world of his staff.”
  • “Yes I do think they listen and yes they are always improving their quality of care work.”
  • “Yes Greg’s team has always listened to any concerns and we have found a solution together.”

When providing feedback about contacting our office team, all relatives answered that they were either Very Satisfied or Satisfied with how polite and helpful staff were.

One family member said:

“I have spoken a number of times with Adam [our Receptionist] and I have found him true to his word and efficient with it.”

There are a number of ways families and relatives can get involved at Options – from being on interview panels when recruiting new support workers, attending training opportunities and being invited to any events and activities we organise.

Over 86% of respondents said they felt there were opportunities for them to get involved and share their views on their family member’s support. There were a mix of comments for this section about being “delighted” to be involved in team meetings and others asking to be a part of them.

We truly appreciate the response we have received and want to thank everyone who provided feedback. We have shared the great comments with and set actions for our staff teams so we can continue to provide quality support, and build upon any areas noted for improvement and suggestions made.

We encourage those around people we support to continue to be engaged and involved in the support we provide where this may be appropriate. We welcome relatives’ input at any time, and would love for you to get in touch with our Families Lead Sharon at or 0151 236 0855.

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