From the first time we hear from potential volunteers, we’re excited about them joining us!

We invite anyone interested in becoming a volunteer to come for a chat, to sit with us and find out more about them and what they want to get involved in – and sometimes, it brings about fabulous opportunities neither we or they expected!

We have a couple of volunteers joining us soon, and we’re interested to know why they want to volunteer at Options. We spoke to Ruby to find out what she’s looking forward to as a volunteer at Options!

So, who are you and what area are you going to volunteer in once your checks have been completed?
Hello, I’m Ruby and I am hoping to volunteer as a Befriender to people Options supports.

What attracted you to want to volunteer for Options?
I was attracted to volunteering at Options because I was interested in bettering myself, boosting my communication skills and helping others.

What are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to meeting the people I will be befriending and getting to know them as a person and supporting them in every way possible to live the lives they want to.

What would you like to achieve from volunteering with Options?
I would like to develop and enhance my communication skills while volunteering with Options, as well as the feeling of reward knowing I will be contributing to society and supporting people around me.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Options or to find out more about the opportunities available, visit our volunteering page here.

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