Earlier this year, we sent everyone we support a questionnaire asking them to tell us what they think about their support. As a person-centred organisation, knowing what people we support think of Options is incredibly important to us – it allows us to constantly be working hard to improve and build on the support we provide.

We’re very proud to announce that we got a fantastic response and received 53 replies!

So what did the responses say?

We asked people to give us a star rating and our average rating was…

An amazing 5 stars (out of 5)!

The first question we asked was ‘What do you think about the quality of support from Options?’

Around 96% of the people who responded said they thought the support we provide is either Very Good or Good. This is absolutely fantastic to hear!

Next we asked, ‘How reliable do you think Options are?’

Again, most of the people who replied said that they thought we are reliable and do what we said we’d do; with nearly 89% of responses saying we’re Very Good or Good. We know that sometimes things can happen which means this isn’t always achievable but we always try our best to do the things we say we will do.

Our questionnaire also captured what people we support would like to change about their support and things they’d like to stay the same.

Some of the things that people wanted to stay the same are:

  • Their staff teams
  • Their routines and activities they do
  • Where they live
  • Some people said they’d like ‘Everything’ to stay the same!

And what did most people say they’d want to change? …

  • I’d like to get a job
  • I’d like to go on more holidays! (I think we’d all agree with this one!)
  • I’d like to watch more rugby
  • I’d like to get my rota
  • I’d like Options to organise more day trips

What happens next?

We’ll be writing to everyone who responded to say a big thank you for taking the time to complete the feedback. Where there is something specific that we can be doing to improve someone’s support, e.g. if someone wanted to watch more rugby or get their rota on time, we’ve set our Team Leaders clear actions and will be regularly reviewing how well we are getting on with this over the next few months.

Want to give us some feedback?

You don’t have to wait to receive a questionnaire to give us feedback! All our staff, people we support, families and friends of Options are more than welcome to get in touch at any time to let us know how we’re doing. Feel free to ring the office and speak to Lisa!

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