Dave really wanted to buy his own car. He wanted to be more spontaneous travelling to places ‘on a whim’ without planning around public transport. For example visiting friends more freely, going on getaways/short breaks.

For about 6 months, Dave was supported by his team to make this aspiration happen. They took all the necessary steps – contacting solicitors, finding a garage and making sure all finances were in place. Dave and his team discussed how to budget to cover costs of the car including possible cutbacks Dave could make.

He went along to the garage to view lots of different cars and chose the brand and colour that he liked – a nice blue Peugeot model.

Dave is absolutely thrilled with his new car and loves showing everyone his new wheels! The process of buying his own car has given Dave a real sense of ownership and independence taking real pride in it.

Being able to travel spontaneously has widened Dave’s community and enabled him to build on his relationships more easily. He has been helping his friends by offering them lifts, and Dave wanted the first big trip in his new car to be to Birmingham to spend a weekend with long-distance friends which he really enjoyed. He has been busy planning what short breaks he can go on in the future too!

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