Vicky is really sociable and loves to spend time with others. Whilst she doesn’t communicate verbally , she enjoys dancing, and can sometimes get really excited.

One of Vicky’s aspirations in her Person Centered Plan is to form and maintain meaningful friendships. Vicky’s support recently increased and her team have been supporting her to go to a local social club. Two of Vicky’s experienced staff supported her to go for the first time and supported Vicky on how she can best approach new people.

When Vicky becomes excited, it can be misinterpreted as being challenging. However, her local social club is a new place where she has the opportunity to meet new people. Vicky has only been going a couple of times but has immediately made friends and hopes to build on and flourish these friendships. Vicky’s staff have been stepping back and enabling her to spend more independent time with friends. Her social circle has increased and she’s building her confidence to spend time with others rather than just family and paid staff.

Success for Vicky

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